Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Moppets

Monday Moppets: "

imageWell. I learned on Friday that the city has installed new storm warning sirens right next to the complex here. G’head, ask me how I learned this. *eyeroll* Oh yeah, we had stormage over the weekend. Lots of flooding in the area, apparently. We, personally, aren’t affected by any of the flooding, but I guess we got dumped on pretty good. I think I read something like 7” of rain that night.

Anyway, with the new system so close, I couldn’t help but think of the War of the Worlds sirens. I went outside to investigate, because I’d missed the announcements and was wondering if they’d play over again. With all the A/C units running, the loudspeaker sounded more like something at a drive-through restaurant. But that siren! Doggone! I think I’m still kind of deaf from it.

My son doesn’t do storms very well. We went through this a couple of years ago too. Stormy Weather. He gets all freaked out and this time was no different. He hangs on to the notion that if he hears the alarms, it means kiss your butt goodbye, you’re going to DIE. I keep telling him it’s just a warning, but it hasn’t sunk in yet. Darc and I have both tried to talk to him, reason with him, and what follows was the closest we came to getting through to him.

Dad: “Your best bet of getting through any situation is to not freak out – stay calm so you can think clearly.”
Son: “I think that’s clearly impossible.”

I couldn’t help it. I started cracking up. My son is witty! LOL Which frustrates the crap out of me sometimes. My effort went like this:

Mom: “You can’t let fear rule your life like that.”
Son: “Everybody’s afraid of something … and I’ve chosen MINE!”


Watch, he’ll grow up to be one of those storm chasers and deny he was ever afraid of them.


The MiniNess is glad to be 5 now, but claims it doesn’t feel any different than 4. She loved her cake – she chose a white one so I could add food coloring to the mix and make it green, her current favorite color. With pink frosting. :) She had fun helping me make it, and it’s so nice to have a little helper in the kitchen.

Oh, and during the storms, she thought it was a riot to sit in the dry bathtub with her shoes on. My kids are so different from one another!


And how was your weekend?

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