Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday Want

Wednesday Want: "

imageSeeing Darc’s post about quitting smoking reminded me that’s it’s been 6 whole months since I quit. I dunno, that felt like it should be commemorated somehow. So this is me, commemorating the fact that it’s been 6 mos since I last had a cigarette.

I still consider myself a smoker though.

For me, there was a lot of cold turkey, but no cold turkey. And boy howdy, it’s weird how my mouth actually waters when I see the pack sitting next to kitteh there in the picture, and that’s not even my brand. Not reds anyway.

There are moments when I wonder if the craving will ever go away or if it will be like this for the rest of my life. Sometimes I miss it so bad that my lungs actually itch inside. If you’ve never been a smoker, it’s hard for you to understand, I’m sure. It seems strange to say “suffered from an addiction,” but that’s what it is. But it feels so nasty to say that. For the record, I never stood on any street corners offering to sell my body to strangers just so I could have a cigarette!

So I’ve commemorated the 6 month thing. I won’t do it again until it’s been a year, and then after that, well maybe at 5 years we’ll see. ;)

Have you ever broken a bad habit? Are you still successful at it?

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