Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Wednes—WASPS!: "

imageIt was a fierce battle, one to the death.

Legend tells of the legendary battle when the gallant Knyt of legend heard the cries of distress from his lady fair, her swearing screams of fear. He yelled bravely urged her to safety in the castle with the wee babes, while he sought battle alone, and without shield, against the attacking villains. She ran into the shelter of the domicile, and grabbled the Raid magical spear of death and took it back to her Knyt with all haste. She tossed him the Raid legendary lance and the gallant Knyt fearlessly sprayed hurled it toward the wasps invading marauders that had taken up hiding inside the mirror side-view reflection device of the Knyt’s carriage.

After a legendary battle of epic proportions, the victor stood over the bodies of his victims. They numbered at least a dozen or more. His lady, with thumb and wrist swollen and stinging from the vicious ambush of the barbarians, thanked him profusely and with gratitude, her hero.

Seriously, the biggest shock came when I realized – after I rolled my window down – that what I was seeing behind the mirror, in that space between the casing and the mirror itself, was not some kind of corrosive build-up, but was in fact the top of a wasp’s nest about the size of my fist. Thank God I’m not allergic to wasp venom, right? :) The swelling is going down but it’s still kind of achy and tender, and hopefully will be totally better by tomorrow or the next day.

And that pretty much maxes out my excitement bar for the rest of the year!

I think the last time I got stung was by a bee back around 1980 or so. What about you?

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