Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Thankfulness

Thursday Thankfulness: "

image If you read my post yesterday, then today’s post should seem pretty self-explanatory. :D Never having been a fan of bugs, and secretly wondering if entomologists have lost their minds, I am of the Raid generation that declares, “Kills bugs dead.”

With the exception of butterflies and some – but not all – ladybugs, my belief has always been that if it’s (it being a bug) smaller than me and has more than 4 legs, it should die. If a bug is bigger than me, well naturally, that should die too. The world is no place for bugs that are bigger than people.

Of course, the more-than-4-legs thing doesn’t apply to things like octopus and squid, because those are cool, but so is calamari. And crab and lobster are smaller than me with more than 4 legs, but they are not bugs and they are delicious. Although I was VERY dismayed to find out that both snow crab and daddy longlegs are in the opilio family. *shudder*

Nonetheless, I am very grateful for Raid this week. If I hadn’t had that can under the sink, I’d still have a very large wasp’s nest sitting behind the side-view mirror on our car, and THAT would be very bad.

So thank you Raid, for being there when I needed you, and for killing bugs dead.image

Do you have a gratitude this week? I know, sometimes it’s hard to find it, but I thought I’d ask, just in case. :)

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