Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Columbus Day!

Happy Columbus Day!: "

I must say, I am grateful for Columbus on this day. He started something, intentional or otherwise, that resulted in our nation being what it is. How could I not be glad of that? A circuitous chain of events, but it ended up with the Pilgrims coming to this new land, and eventually we became a nation. So for what he started, I am glad that it ultimately resulted in our nation. :)

It was kind of an eventful weekend. :) I made it through the grocery store! A little slow, sure, but I made it. Actually, I think I overdid it, because I was kind of stiff and sore the next day, but my knee is almost completely healed. I’d say I’m probably at about 95%. Yay!

I did some crafty kinds of things with the kids.

2010-10-10b.jpg See their little hand spiders?
2010-10-10c.jpgCan you tell what I used to make the pattern for the ghosts? LOL I got lots of giggles when I was tracing their feet. :)
2010-10-10d.jpg I made the big spider a couple of years ago, but the kids loved it so it became a keeper.

And check this out! After just a few weeks of school, the MiniNess left this message on the white board:

Some of those letters we haven’t gotten to yet, but she figured them out on her own. :) The pronunciation helps crack me up. In case you can’t tell what it says, it’s “Save the cat Dad, we are Puss in Boots.” I wish her penmanship was as nice in her books! She gets kind of sloppy there.2010-10-10a.jpg

So I got what feels like lots of things accomplished, and I even managed to toss out some old stuff I’ll never use as well.

How was your weekend?

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