Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Thankfulness

Thursday Thankfulness: "

My son is a pretty opinionated little guy. NO idea where he gets it from. *ahem* So when I told him I’d placed a hold on a DVD for him at the library, he was less than enthused. When I explained that it was funny stuff from a long time ago, and he heard “black and white” he rolled his eyes. This from the kid who loved Them! He still complains that it hasn’t been done in color.

When I told him a couple of days ago that the DVD had come in, he wasn’t thrilled. I tried to get him to watch it the other day and he declined. “No thanks mom.” He had that tone. You know that tone. That one your kids get when they want to argue but know they’ll get in trouble if they do.

He was bored last night, so I put the DVD in anyway. He sighed. One of those deep sighs like I give when I’m frustrated or exasperated. He was sure he would not be amused.

I waited.

He chuckled. Quietly, but still one escaped. He did it again, and moved to sit on the floor in front of the TV so he could hear better.

Then he guffawed. Then he giggled, and was laughing out loud.


I wasn’t a big fan of The 3 Stooges when I was a kid, but I’ve yet to meet a boy who didn’t love them, now including MY boy. :D They made my son – and my daughter – bust a gut, and how could I not be grateful for that? I love hearing my kids laugh. :D

What are grateful for this week?

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