Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Tonday

Monday Tonday: "

imageKitteh here sums it up pretty well for me! That ‘grabity’ thing sure does make it hard to get out of bed. Especially where there’s a ton of things that have to be done. But back to the grind we must go, for the place starts looking like a real dump if we don’t. Plus, the MiniNess is excited about learning the letter “T” today, so there is school in addition to the housework. :)

This was funny though. We have these plastic, decorative pumpkins that light up, and I put them on the bookshelves next to the TV. Darc likes to have them unplugged when we watch a movie because the light shines in his eyes. Well, the kids have named the pumpkins. The orange one we got when the Knytlite was small, before the MiniNess came along, and he named that one Skeleton Boy. No idea why. A couple of years ago we got a white one, and a black one. Those got named Venom, of Spiderman fame – because he’s all black, naturally, and the white one got named Jack, after Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas, a family favorite.

We sat down to watch a movie the other night and after the kids had unplugged one of the pumpkins, the KnytLite turned to Daddy and said, “Why do we have to have Jack off?”

Darc erupted into loud guffaws and I smacked him before he could make some crude remark, that man! The kids sat there staring at us, thankfully clueless.

Just another day in the life. ;)

And how was your weekend?

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