Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments: "

Seraphic Secret recently received a Kindle, and realizing he needed to travel with it and had no travel case, he came up with a terrific inexpensive idea. I don’t want to spoil the secret, so why don’t you pop on over to his site and check it out? Seraphic Secret: Dressing the Kindle

When I checked the internet for cases, I judged most way too expensive and over-engineered.


Instead, from stuff in my office, I improvised a simple but functional travel case that has an unpretentious, arts and crafts feel.


Can the Parrot Talk?

(an oldie but a goodie)

One day a man went to an auction. While there, he bid on a parrot. He really wanted this bird, so he got caught up in the bidding. He kept on bidding, but kept getting outbid, so he bid higher and higher and higher.

Finally, after he bid way more than he intended, he won the bid. The parrot was his at last!

As he was paying for the parrot, he said to the auctioneer, "I sure hope this parrot can talk. I would hate to have paid this much for it, only to find out that he can’t talk!"

"Don’t worry," said the auctioneer, "he can talk. Who do you think kept bidding against you?"


It’s a special weekend for me. :) I hope yours is awesome too!

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