Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Unworried

Wednesday Unworried: "


Darc is done with his SSRLP, and I am done with mine, and now we have nothing to do with our time. I mean, besides housework and cooking and cleaning and raising the children. :) The timing is perfect for the holiday coming. We have much to be grateful for this season what with the new job coming. Life will be changing for us, in a good way.


Whenever I get some spare cash, I’m buying Bolt. The kids have borrowed it from the library several times now and it’s turned into a family favorite, much like Kung Fu Panda. Bolt is for anyone who has ever loved a pet, lost a pet, found a pet or wanted a pet. And the pigeons are unbelievably real, too. :)


While I may not be preparing a big meal for the holiday, I am feeling a fullness in my spirit. I wish I could explain it to you, but words defy me. Sometimes I think I must capture this feeling on paper, but no, I can’t. There is too much beauty, too much joy, too much gratitude to be contained or captured on paper. Thanksgiving is so much more than just a day, you know? It’s a state of being. :)

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