Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Weird

Wednesday Weird: "


I am on the verge of something. I don’t know what it is. I’ve been having these strange dreams lately. First I dreamt – 4 times the same night! – that I had an appt at 1:30. That was a couple of weeks ago. I really didn’t expect anything to happen that day at 1:30, but I have learned that numbers in my dreams don’t always mean what one would think they do. This might mean months, or days, or weeks, or even something like Jan 30th. Or any combination, like in 1 week and 30 days. FireShot capture #110 - 'royal carribean_jpg (JPEG Image, 504x504 pixels)' - www_melbournegopwomen_org_royal%20carribean

Then, just the other night, I dreamt, also 4 times again, that company was coming. It was different people in each of the dreams, sometimes it was one person, other times it was more like a little party, but always “Company’s coming!”

So … any of you planning on a visit or something? ;)

Honestly, it could mean anything. I have no idea. I have learned over the years though to pay attention and be alert when things like this happen to me. So my eyes are open!

What about you? Do weird things like that happen to you? Little “future foretells” that come in out of the blue, and turn out to come true?

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