Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Weird

Wednesday Weird: "

imageI swear, this is exactly how my kids were the other day. I sent them to play outside, and one of them apparently picked up a stick that had fallen off the tree by our corner, and then they proceeded to fight over it like it was some kind of prize! I was about ready to burn the doggone thing when my son threw it into the parking lot, so neither of them could get it. That kind of made me chuckle, in a way. Neither of them was willing to disobey the parental edict of “Don’t you dare run into that parking lot or you will get a spanking you won’t soon forget!” One or the other could have easily charged the 15’ into the parking lot to get it, but no. :) That tells me their “mama’s voice” thing is working. Heheheh. I know it’s working because they didn’t see me watching them from the patio door. The long-term effects are kicking in! I just hope it lasts through their teen years. Yeah, I know, but I like to be optimistic. Sometimes. ;)

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