Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Thankfulness

Thursday Thankfulness: "


So now you know why I’m in such a good mood the last couple of days, if you’ve seen my husband’s post this morning. :) Thankfulness for that, for sure.

On the mundane side of things, this week I’m grateful for my long kitchen tongs. To set this up a little, you need to know that my kids hate sleeping in the absolute dark. We used to keep the closet light on for them, but told them at some point, “You’re too big for this!” Across from their bedroom is a little closet for the water heater, and it has a louvered door, so I started turning the light on in there for them at night, since it does get pitch black in their room. It’s at the farthest end of the apartment and there are tall privacy shrubs in front of their window, so they don’t get any light in there at night from the lights in the parking lot like we do in our room.

The light in that little closet burned out a couple of weeks ago. I knew it was a pain to change since Darc had done it some time last year. The light is on the ceiling, which is 9’, and not lower down on the wall. The water heater butts up practically right to the door so there’s no place to put a ladder closer to the light, and with the header above the door, it’s hard to reach up there. We were pretty much of the mind to just let it be. But when I went to tuck in the babies, it’s so dark in there I can’t even see where I’m going. So I decided to change the bulb in the water heater closet.

I got the ladder, I got a new bulb, I was set to go. Except when I got up there, I couldn’t reach it. My arms aren’t that long and my shoulder was jammed against the top of the door jamb. So I got the bright idea to get my long kitchen tongs, like I use for the high shelves in the kitchen. But changing a bulb is a much more delicate process. I got the old one out just fine, but almost dropped the new one going in. I muttered a curse word and my kids started talking about that.

*gasp* “Mommy said a swear word!” exclaimed my son. This is good that it’s so shocking, right?
My daughter quipped, “She does that sometimes, but she says kid words way more than swear words.”

I continued struggling with the bulb-tongs combo effort, and finally managed to twist it in there. I had to do it backwards, because I’m right handed and the way the water heater is set up, you can only really use your left hand to reach stuff if you’re on the ladder.

But I was pleased to hear that I use more kid words than swear words – I really have been trying to work on that. And I did manage to get that doggone bulb changed and now it works again. :)

What are you thankful for this week?

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