Monday, March 29, 2010

Don’t tell me

Don’t tell me: "

imageSee, I’m real good at giving out advice, but terrible at taking it. ;)

I love this picture – not just for the sentiment, but because the kitteh looks much like one of the kittehs I used to have. Plus, I used to have a smiley face pillow just like that one, when I was little. :)

It’s the last Monday in March. Do you know what this means? Before the week is out there will be different colors on my blog! Woohoo!

Actually, it means that April is coming, which means Easter. Which is one of my favorite holidays. :)

The weekend was … well … it was a weekend. Nothing much more to be said there! We picked up an old couch and Darc has been vacuuming and Febreezing the heck out of it. Which means the MiniNess has been hiding a lot, because at almost 5 years old, she’s still afraid of the vacuum. *eyeroll* If she thinks I’m going to come over and vacuum her house when she’s a grown-up, she’s got another think coming!

So, YOU go have a nice day, I’M going to go look at pictures of shoes, ‘net connection permitting. ;)


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