Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Mayhem

Monday Mayhem: "


I’m not crazy about Mondays – who is? But I find I don’t dislike them as much as say … Thursday. Thursday is a tease, because it’s almost Friday but not quite. Monday is just back to the grind. Which is part of the reason I do the whole Thursday Thankfulness thing.

But this one is the 1st Monday in March, and is also the 1st day of March, which means that Spring is almost here! Just a little less than 3 weeks away and woo, the days will be longer than the nights and the warm Spring breezes will put a final nail in snow’s coffin. How awesome is that? We got dumped on with about another 8-12” of snow last week. So Spring will be most welcome this year, just as it is every year.

The most exciting thing that happened to us over the weekend was the call from the library, informing us that we’d neglected to put the DVD back in the case before we returned it. The MiniNess fell in love with the DVD I got last week and watched it constantly. For some reason, when I told the kids to get the DVDs together to be returned, they forgot to take the one out of the DVD player. And I forgot to check the cases before we left the house. D’oh! Fortunately the library didn’t charge us a late fee, so that was nice.

I keep thinking I’m forgetting something, but unless I can remember, I guess that’s the most mayhem I can recall. I guess it’s that mental pause thing sneaking up on me. ;)

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