Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Thankfulness

Thursday Thankfulness: "

image Some things just get completely overlooked. You know what has lots of household uses and gets totally ignored? Baby powder. Yep, I said it, baby powder! It’s not just for baby tushies anymore!

Seriously, not only is it great for them, but for parents too, especially on those hot days. It’s cool and refreshing. I like the scented kind, but that’s me.

Did you know that you can do tons of other things with it too? It acts as a dry lubricant, so it can help “unstick” a sticky window – just sprinkle some into the jamb there. Also on squeaky wood floors, you can sprinkle it on the floor, sweep it into the cracks and it will help reduce the squeak. And can even get out grease spots from clothes. There are lots of uses for baby powder that you wouldn’t normally think of, that it really belongs in the household staples category along with glass cleaner and S.O.S. pads.

It’s on my thankfulness list because I find I use it almost every day but I hardly ever think about it. Unless I walk into the kid’s room and find they’ve had a baby powder fight and emptied an entire bottle of the stuff all over the room. :roll: Yes, that really happened, about 2 or 3 years ago. *sigh* Anyway, I do use it every day, especially after a bath. It’s great for using on your legs too, if you use an electric shaver. You’ll get a much smoother shave that way. Now, not being a man and never having shaved my face, I don’t know for certain that it would make a gentleman’s shave smoother, but if it works that way for a lady’s legs, I can only guess it would work that way for a man as well. So guys, you can use this stuff too. :) See, I didn’t leave you out!image

Here’s a few lists I found of some typical household uses for baby powder.

10 Uses for Baby Powder

Mrs. FIXIT’S How-To Library – Baby Powder

Baby Powder

Have you ever used it in an “unconventional” way? If you have, how so?

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