Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just one bite

Just one bite: "

imageThis picture cracked me up. Not so much for its own humor, but for the memory it brought with it.

See, when Darc and I met, he already had his fluffy girl. She weighed all of 7 lbs soaking wet and she was a pro at making that innocent face that puppehs can make. One day, not long after we got married, we’d run to the Golden Arches for some lunch, and when we got back to the apartments we were living in at the time, we had some laundry to do. Or were in the process of doing, I can’t remember. What I do recall is that we had a load in the wash that needed to go into the dryer partway through our lunch. No problem, right? There and back, maybe 3 minutes tops.

Bad girl that I am, I ate the fries first, and left my wrapped cheeseburger sitting on the coffee table since we were watching TV while we ate. I didn’t worry about the puppeh getting it because she was only half as high as the coffee table. And it was still in the wrapper.

Up we ran, threw our stuff in the dryer, back down we ran to finish lunch … only my lunch was gone. Neatly unwrapped, that much was clear since the wrapper was spread out nicely on the coffee table. Not a bite mark on it to be found.

I never could figure out how she managed to inhale that burger with that tiny little mouth in that short period of time, without a trace, but she did! She knew she was in trouble too because she had that look. That one that says, “But it was on the coffee table and you were gone and I just couldn’t help myself please don’t be mad at me I love you!”

So I saw this picture and laughed and almost cried, because it’s been a few years now since the bit of fluff had to go to puppeh heaven. She was one of the smartest puppehs I ever knew, one of the sweetest, and I miss her. She brought a lot of happy with her, even at the expense of a cheeseburger or two. :)

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