Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Thankfulness

Thursday Thankfulness: "

MVC-005FSee that curly mass there? When it’s not in a pony tail – which frankly, is most of the time, it hangs nearly to her tooshie. Can you imagine the tangles? Masses and masses of tangles. Beautiful, curly-headed baby girl tangles, but tangles nonetheless. So this week I am thankful for hairbrushes.

I just brushed it a few minutes before I took this picture, too. She wanted to go play in the water in the sink, and while she stood on her little step humming the theme song to The Ant Bully, playing with some water toys, I snuck behind her and took this. I wanted to catch her before hair got messy again.

Sometimes it takes me several minutes to brush her hair. She’ll get fidgety and want to do something else, look around, anything but stand there while I brush out the tangles. But when it’s done, she’s got lovely shiny curliness. And a happy mama.

And to think, she was born practically bald, and didn’t even start growing her hair until she was close to 3.

Hairbrushes. Thankfully! Can you imagine trying to get through that with a comb?!

Oh, and clearly – or not – I am thankful for glass cleaner, too. Sometimes the sink splashing can get a bit out of hand. *ahem!* Yeah, just guess what I’m doing later?

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