Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Words

Wednesday Words: "

image It’s been pouring down rain here since late last night. It’s a glorious sound! The weather hasn’t been too cold or too hot, so we’ve been able to leave off both the heat and the a/c for a few weeks now. Oh, the budget sure does love that! And so do my ears. That blower motor drive me crazy.

I’m happy because I got a notice over the weekend that my library had the book I’d requested in hand finally, so I could go pick it up – which I did Monday and have been happily reading ever since. :D It’s a political book. Heheheheheh. What could be better than reading a book you’ve wanted to read for several months, with the rain pounding in the background while you sip a cup of hot coffee?

And I managed to pick up a couple of other books, so I’ll have to update my Shelfari page at some point. It seems Vince Flynn has a new Mitch Rapp book out, too. *happy sigh*

Of course, the rain brings with it certain reflective thoughts. Why is that, I wonder? Something about gray skies and raindrops that makes people feel thoughtful. I feel like I have so many words inside, but when I sit down to blog, the words dissipate into the ether.

Watched some move about time travel – not very good and pretty predictable. Which reminded me of a book I finished a few weeks ago about time travel. To me, it violated one of the cardinal rules about time travel, which is that you simply cannot go back and become your own ancestor. Anyone else have thoughts about that?

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