Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Thankfulness

Thursday Thankfulness: "

image Candles. How awesome are they, yet how little thought do we give them? Unless it’s a birthday, or a power-outage, we tend to not think about them at all. Which I think is kind of sad, because candles are amazing at setting a mood, and relaxing a home, as well as providing light.

Have you ever tried that? Turning off all the lights on purpose, and just going by the glow of candlelight for an evening? I highly recommend it! A couple years ago, when Darc would come home after a long day at work, I’d have only candlelight, and some classical music playing low in the background. Actually, it was the old baby lullaby CD I had laying around. He’d walk in and the stresses of his day would just melt away. The soothing music and the soft light work wonders on a battered spirit. Try taking a bath by candlelight with soft music playing. Heavenly! You’ll be so relaxed you might even fall asleep in the tub, lol.

I especially love beeswax candles because they smell like honey when they burn. :)

When I was a little girl, the old lady next door “adopted” me to be her granddaughter, because her grandkids all lived far away. She’d always have milk and cookies for me on the weekends, and we’d sit around and do crafts. Once we made a candle together. I was in awe, because at 7, I didn’t know real people could actually make candles. I thought you could only get them from a store, made in a factory somewhere. Mrs J introduced a whole new world to me in that regard and if I can ever get back into crafting again, making candles is high on my list. To this day, I still can’t look at a candle without thinking of her.

Candles. I don’t light them often enough, but I aim to change that, because they are one of those simple pleasures I am thankful for. :)

Is there something you’re thankful for this week? Do you keep lots of candles around too?image

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