Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday: "

imageI think I’ve found the perfect job for me. I can be a throw pillow like Sam here! Doesn’t that sound awesome? My baby girl thinks I am a great snuggler, so I could do something along those lines. I envy Sam. Imagine – getting paid to nap. Heh, maybe I should have gone into politics afterall. ;)


I picked up Premonition again from the library. You know, the movie with Sandra Bullock where she keeps waking up in a different day and her husband’s dead, no wait he’s alive, oh no he’s dead again – remember that one? Did you know there was an alternate ending? And, like, a ton of stuff on psychic phenomena in the bonus materials. I’ve decided I like that movie. I’ve long has a fascination with the subject of precognition and I like how they handled it in the movie, how they told the story. If you haven’t seen it yet – and really, what are the odds you’re like me and don’t see movies until they’ve been out 2 or 3 years? But on the off chance you haven’t see it, I recommend it.


I was thinking “Woe” or “Wretchedness” would be a good Wednesday subject – it’s nice and alliterative – but, wouldn’t that kind of suck? Who would want to read a post about complaining? But oh the irony, contrasted with the Thursday Thankfulness thing I have going on! I know some people have Wordless Wednesdays – like my blogger bud Mind of a Mom, but I think I have too big a mouth to do something like that. Hahaha, WretchedNESS. Yeah, not really into the autobiographical stuff here. *rimshot*

And lo and behold ladies and gentlemen, clearly I am in a mood of some sort! Poof, it comes out just like that. Time for me to head back into my book and keep the overflow from spilling on you. ;)

Have a great one. :D

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