Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Tootsies

Tuesday Tootsies: "

With Father’s Day being this coming Sunday, I thought I would do a special Tootsies Father’s Day edition. Men are hard to browse for, for shoes. But I did find a couple of things I thought were note worthy.

So, for the gentlemen, here you are and I hope you have a happy Father’s Day and a great weekend, even if you aren’t a dad. :)

I thought the little graphic was cute, to kick things off, so to speak.


Here’s to the Dad in your life!


Now, here are some fine dress shoes for the guys. Classy, yet understated.


These, not so much. I put these here so the guys would know what to avoid when they go shopping for dress shoes. No self respecting man would be caught dead in these, and no self respecting woman would be caught dead being seen with a man wearing these! I’m just sayin’! Leave the Mad Hatter impersonation for another time!


If you need some casual shoes that are not gym shoes, these are a nice alternative.


These are cool. When you absolutely, positively don’t want anyone to see that you forgot to wash your black socks and had to wear the white ones!


And of course, last but not least, if I have learned anything about men’s shoes these last few months, it’s that there MUST be a cowboy boot option. Thanks Steve! :D These beauties in alligator skin should work nicely, dress or casual.


So there you have it – shoes for men, just in time for Father’s Day. Be kind to your toes, they get you everywhere you want to go!

As always, click the pics for links.

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