Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Witchy Wednesday

Witchy Wednesday: "

image So. We watched a movie. I know, shocking, huh? Rather, Darc watched the movie while I played CivCity Rome on the computer, only turning around occasionally when the screams from the TV were loudest.

The movie – The Fourth Kind – claimed to be based on true events. Claimed it used real footage of a practicing psychologist in Alaska. Shocking. Disturbing. These were the “viewer discretion” disclaimers at the beginning of the movie.

It was pretty good actually. We kept stopping the DVD, rewinding it to see if we could see anything weird, hear something odd, that sort of thing. And all throughout the movie we kept saying, “IF this is based on true events, then I know what I’d call it, and it’s not what they’re calling it.”

See, when The Blair Witch Project came out, Darc and I hadn’t been married very long and we rented the DVD to watch it. I kept saying I couldn’t recall hearing about it, which I found odd because I had lots of books on ghost stories from America’s past, from all regions, that sort of thing. I’d read about Resurrection Mary long before I moved to Chicagoland, for example. So to never have heard about this “well known legend of the Blair Witch” … it just seemed odd. I was certain I’d have read about it if was that well known.

Turned out I was right.

So now when we come across something like that, we don’t say we’ve been punked, we say we’ve been Blair Witched. And tonight we got Blair Witched.

After this movie, The Fourth Kind, I tried to do a bit of research to see if I could find anything. Oh yeah. Hoax. Big time hoax! But in a strange way that kind of made the movie more fun and I wouldn’t mind watching it again, with my front to the TV instead of my back this time. It’s harder to hoax something than it is to document something factual, so the trouble the movie makers went to was kind of outstanding. I mean, they had to first create the “archival” stuff with other actors, the supposed “real people,” then they had to do it all over again with the “actor” actors for the “re-created” stuff. Then they mixed it all together. The police video was awesome, I think. I mean, that was really a nice touch. Of all the “footage,” that’s the one that made me wonder if there was any truth to the movie at all. I’d completely dismissed it as “Witchy” until that part.

There wasn’t anything gory or really scary about this movie, just weird. People going through hypnosis and remembering bizarre things type of weird.

I say get your popcorn and turn the lights off and gather a friend or a few. I think you’ll have a blast. :)

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