Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Whittles

Wednesday Whittles: "

It seems to be a week of slumps. It’s hard to find things to blog about after that long weekend. I pulled out WIGSF’s list of Wednesday things that he left on my blog a week or 2 ago, when I was complaining, and thinking Wednesday Woe, or Wretched Wednesday would be a really bad idea. He had a lot of great ideas on that list. Today he made me laugh because on his blog he made the observation that Aston Kutcher is really just a tall Tom Cruise. Later in the evening that came back to mind, and I thought to myself how I never thought about celebrities much anymore, certainly not like I did when I was a teen. And I had forgotten that not 5 minutes before, I’d made the observation to my husband that Richard Gere and Patrick Stewart could pass for brothers, if you shaved Gere.

I grabbed half a dozen books from the library, so now I have a lot to read when the old connection goes out on me. NoConnectI love that little Shelfari website! I try to update it every time I come back from the library, but I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it is to remember all the stuff I’ve read over the years. I don’t remember book titles! Who are we kidding here! I can’t even remember movie titles from movies I saw last week! Total Swiss cheese memory when it comes to that stuff, but I can remember birthdays like nobody’s business.

I also got a ton of movies to watch, some I’ve never seen before, and some that are tried and true. They still didn’t have Clash of the Titans, the 80’s one, and I found out I’m 7th on the list. *sigh* 7th? That might be a long wait, considering they don’t even have a copy in stock.

WIGSF, here’s a couple of pictures I thought you might enjoy. Wombats, for your Wednesday viewing pleasure. :D



Off to read and give Darc a shot at the box here. Have a totally awesome Wednesday. :)

Oh, you like this cool grid thing I made? :)

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