Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WooHoo Wednesday

WooHoo Wednesday: "

Thanks yet again to WIGSF for giving me blog ideas. :D

I have a woohoo for today, a big one!

The books came in! The real like hold-in-your-hands books that the publisher sent us. So they are out for sale now in the UK, and we got a few gift copies. Is that awesome or what? I’m pretty sure Darc already posted on it today so you can stop by and read his blog about it if you want, but I’m pretty excited too.

My son was reading through the dedication page, and when he read, “to my wife” he yelled, “That’s YOU mom! That’s YOU!” He was so cute. :) He was proudly showing off daddy’s book to his little sister – “Look, here’s daddy’s name on the cover, and inside he wrote about mommy, and look at these pictures! Remember helping daddy choose pictures? This is what it was for!” I tell ya, it was infectious, LOL.

Darc made fun of me when I told him I wanted my copy autographed. *pout* I thought something in his handwriting would be uber-cool.

So that’s my woohoo for the day – what about you? Do you have one?

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