Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Mayhem

Monday Mayhem: "

There were so many things I was going to tell you about today, and now that I’ve sit down to blog about them, my brain blanked out. *sigh* Figures! It felt like there was so much that happened over the weekend. Not events or situations, but more like realizations and understandings. Know what I mean? The things that happened were more internal than external. I should have taken notes.

I did discover, after doing a lot of research, that was I thought might be a potential medical condition really isn’t and is something easily treatable. So that was a huge relief.

The kids did really well in school last week and the MiniNess is still in excited mode about it all.

Football started and the Patriots won! Woo!

Thank goodness for to get scores, because without TV, I can’t watch a single game. :(

So I’m trying to get back into football mode on my football blog.

Cigarettes cost over $6 a pack here now, so it was good timing for me to quit when I did. They were under $5 when I quit.

OH! I remember what I wanted to tell you! On Friday and Saturday afternoons, there several military helicopters that few overhead toward the Naval Base, over periods of several minutes. It was the oddest thing. The base tends to run their aircraft north-south, and we’re more west of the base, so we almost never get fly-over. I searched the local press and found nothing. I went to the base website and got nothing, no special events or anything like that. It was just weird. I mean, the big heavy choppers, a half dozen both days, spaced about 5 minutes apart. For a moment there it almost felt like we were being invaded and our boys were gearing up. Totally weird.

So that was kinda my weekend. You?

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