Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Thankfulness

Thursday Thankfulness: "


With the weather so nice here the last few days, we’ve had the patio door open quite a bit. Which is great, but we haven’t had a frost yet so that means bugs. Thank goodness for that screen door otherwise it’d be bug city in here!

No, that’s not my screen door but man how I wish it was! Isn’t it pretty? Nope, when I was a young girl, I never thought I’d look longingly at a screen door and sigh either but I do. Funny how tastes change. ;)

[And if you like it too, you can click the pic and it’ll take you right to the sales desk. :D ]

Bugs – specifically mosquitoes – carry so many diseases, things like West Nile, that it’s a scary thought that they might come in and wreak havoc on a family minding their own business. Screens do an amazing job of keeping those pests out. Something so simple and yet so conducive to a healthy family. Who would have thought a little bit of mesh would be so wonderful?

That’s my thankfulness this week. How about you?

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