Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Thankfulness

Thursday Thankfulness: "

It’s almost like prayer, these moments of searching through the past week, trying to find that moment of “Yes, that’s what I’m thankful for this week!” Sometimes I really have to struggle to find something because it’s been a particularly stressful week. Other times, it’s almost overwhelming in the abundance of what I can choose to use for a post. This week has been a very good week. The whole month of August was a very good week. :)

I am thankful it’s September and Summer is coming to a close. I’m thankful that I’ve been better at remembering to take my vitamins. I’m thankful the kids have clothes and shoes for the Winter. I’m thankful rent didn’t go up for this new lease. I’m thankful there’s food in the cupboards. I’m thankful there’s a song in my heart and a prayer of thanksgiving on my lips. I’m thankful my daughter will start homeschool next week. I’m thankful my husband published his first (of many!) e-book.

And I am thankful for you. :)

There are some who are going through a triumphant phase in your life right now and I’m right there cheering with you. Some are going through more difficult times, dealing with pain and loss of some kind, and my heart and prayers are hugging you close. You’ve let me take a peek into your lives and shared your thoughts with me, and I’m thankful for that. We’re connected – whether we agree on things or disagree, we’re connected in lots of ways – like a hand and a foot are both connected to the same body. Know what I mean? :)

Insert your picture here, I’m thankful for you this week. :)

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