Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Whine

Wednesday Whine: "

imagePower outages, lost connections, sore necks, oh my! Seems like life is conspiring against me lately, but never fear, I shall prevail!

I don’t know what causes it, but periodically I will sleep wrong – how does one do that exactly? – and woke up with a sore neck. Read “barely moveable.” I feel like a whiplash patient without one of those neck pillow thingies, but I really want one. I figured I’d be better by the 2nd day, but no such luck. Maybe the 3rd? We’ll see.

All day today the connection has gone back to what it was pre-strainer days. Can you say slower than dial-up? You think I’m kidding, doncha? Yeah, you try waiting for a page to scroll for 3 mins after you press the “down” arrow!

Our power went out too, right in the middle of one of my i-searches for some information. At least my son didn’t scream bloody murder this time! LOL Fortunately, the power wasn’t out terribly long, but it was enough that I decided to do other things, like make something for dinner.

Have you noticed that things seem slower in the Internet lately? Or is it just me? Many of my “blogger buds” don’t seem to be blogging as much anymore, if at all. I see fewer and fewer comments around town too. I expect that during the Summer, when people are out and about doing … stuff. But when Summer ends, I expect to see more of you guys, just so you know! I don’t like missing people.

Okay, < /whine >, you may return to your normally scheduled programming. :)

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