Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wonderful Writer

Wonderful Writer: "

Guess what? G’head, just guess! Darc’s ebook is up on Kindle and Smashwords! Major woohoo!

Here’s a picture of the cover:


Here’s the Kindle link from Amazon:

A Fine Cast of Characters – Kindle/Amazon

And here’s the Smashwords link if you have an e-reader device other than a Kindle:

A Fine Cast of Characters – Smashwords

Here’s the teaser, you know, just to tease you: ;)

A suicide on a dark bridge over a rushing river is interrupted. A young woman’s dream of opening her own bakery is ruined by the discovery of an unknown stairwell. A student’s Internet plagiarism has dire consequences. All this and much more on the winding path among A Fine Cast of Characters. J. Dane Tyler weaves a web of short stories in this, his debut publication.

I can’t begin to tell you how proud and excited I am! That’s my husband up there, the writer-man, the one who makes the stories I love to read.

He’s working on making a FaceBook fan page too, but that’s under construction at the moment. As soon as it’s done, I’ll update the link here so you can become a fan. :)

It is indeed a wonderful Wednesday, in a very writerly way. :D

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