Monday, April 12, 2010

Another day

Another day: "

imageNow THAT’S my kind of weekend! I so wish I could just lay around in front of the fire, drinking coffee or pop, playing Sims or something. Fun! As it is, I don’t have a fire, my Sims are on my still un-repaired computer, but coffee I do have and drink in abundance, so 1 out of 3 ain’t bad I suppose. ;) I doubt MeatLoaf would agree, but that’s okay.

We spent some time working on editing what’s perhaps my favorite of my husband’s works, Ghost Hunters. It’s so much fun to read through it again, and to see it come together much tighter and cleaner. I just know one of these days I’m going to see it on the bookshelf at Barnes and Noble, or Borders. I am going to hold a copy of it in my hot little hands and then I’m going to do the Snoopy happy dance right there in the store. All the customers will look at me like I’ve lost my mind, and the sales person will whisper, “That’s the author’s wife,” and the customers will go, “Ohhhhhh,” in a knowing sort of way. :D

G’head, laugh! I’ll have the last one anyway. :)

The rest of the weekend … housecleaning, trying to read stuff online, things like that. Typically, blessedly, boring stuff in the Darc House. :)

And how was your weekend? See, I’m good with living vicariously through you! ;)

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