Friday, April 16, 2010

turn off the fan

turn off the fan: "

imageWarm weather is coming. Today it was close to 80, and I wouldn’t let Darc turn the A/C on. He wasn’t thrilled with me about that, but I’m not thrilled with power company rates, so we’re even in a way. It’s going to chill out here tomorrow anyway. But kitteh here reminded me how much I hate the hot weather. You know that sound? That constant whirring something-is-running sound? That sound is like water torture to me. It drives me absolutely crazy. And I get it both winter and summer. In the winter, the heater must be run, and in the summer – at least around here – the A/C must be run. And always in the background is that constant wwwwhhhhhoooooooossssshhhhhh. It’s like tinnitus.


So we decided to go to a real video store to rent movies the other day instead of trying to find something at the library. I guess we’re pretty much out of touch. I saw Darc walking around with a pile of movies about 2’ high, when I realized, Hey, I wonder how much that costs? It’s not like the library where you can borrow as many as you want. Oh no, the video store wants money when they let you borrow stuff. So, we culled. Considerably. But, I did hang on to Sherlock Holmes, because I’ve been wanting to watch that for a long time.

I am so glad I watched all those trailers when I had the chance, because they stressed “re-imagining.” So, I knew going in it wasn’t going to be anything like my beloved REAL Sherlock. And it wasn’t. But, it was fun and it was Robert Downey Jr., so when I keep in mind that it wasn’t Sherlock Holmes, I’m good with it from a “Victorian era action hero meets futuristic technology” fantasy point of view. Because that’s all it was. With Robert Downey Jr.


Tenuous Tenant

DELMAR: We like this house very much, but the landlord ask too much for rent
ELMER: Really?
DELMAR: Yes. Last month he asked four times.

May you find something that makes you laugh today, and have an excellent weekend. :)


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