Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Full Moon

Full Moon: "

imageHeh, it seemed appropriate to use this picture, since it’s a full moon tonight. I’m pretty sure I saw this with a different caption too, one that said, “I can get it, if I want.” Which I can, you know! Whichever caption you choose, I love the picture. It touches something inside, and isn’t that silly for a LOLCats? But I love the solitary kitteh under the moon, just thinking. Reminds me of me. :)


We went to grab a few things at the store today, which reminds me that I am really angry with Walmart for cancelling the contract they had with Perdue Chicken and going with Tyson instead. I don’t like Tyson and I want my Perdue back! There. I have blogged about it and I feel better. What good is a blog if you can’t use it to voice an opinion or register a complaint? ;)

But seriously Walmart, bring back Perdue. It’s better quality at a better price.


Do you ever feel like something big is just around the corner? That your life is going to change in a major way in the not too distant future? I feel like that.


I’m going to go stare at the moon for awhile, think about things I’m grateful for, maybe make a wish or two. Anyone care to join me? I can make some room on the antenna. :D

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