Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It’s ba-ack!

It’s ba-ack!: "

To what am I referring, you ask? Why, the funny, of course. :)

See, for quite a long time now, over a year in fact, the top 3 searches that have led people to my blog have been funny, funny pics, and funny pictures. Yeah, the funny replaced Chicago Sucks a long time ago. I know, weird, huh?


Anyway, I’ve been coasting on the funny for months and months. And then one day last month, WordPress gave me the honor of being placed on the front page. And ever since then, I’ve lost the funny. It stopped showing up in my search terms. It sure felt for all the world like WP had put some kind of blinder on their search engine. If people typed in funny, it would direct them someplace away from my blog, with a “no, you can’t look there!” attitude. Either that, or people suddenly stopped looking for funny. And I mean suddenly. Like a brick off a building. Like, 60-70% lost. That’s substantial, right?

All those hits, lost. *sigh*


But then a few days ago I started noticing an old trend – the funny was showing up again in my search terms! My stats have been going up again. It’s interesting – when I began blogging way back in 2005, I was happy if I had 2 hits. It’s still a surprise to me that I get any hits at all. It’s nice though to feel like whatever I lost is back again, or coming back anyway. I don’t know what happened, but I missed the funny.

And it is still so weird for me –the little invisible girl – to have people type “funny” into a search engine and land on my blog. Heh. Whoda thunk?

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