Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Christmas Happy

Post Christmas Happy: "

funny pictures - Shh! Wut dat?  Is dat rayndeerz?

My son. He tried to put up a brave front, he really did. He grinned for the camera when he opened his presents. He thought he was getting odds and ends type camping kind of stuff. I’d been telling him that Christmas would be small, that we’d do the best we could with what we had, and he cowboy’d up. Then I had him open one smallish gift that I insisted not be opened until close to last. He ripped off the paper and tears sprung to his eyes. He yelled, he “woo’d,” he fist-pumped, and he hugged us, saying it was the best Christmas ever. He got the game he really, really, really wanted for the game system.

Best Christmas ever. Now that’s what parents love to hear. :)

And my daughter got the Barbie she wanted so bad that she almost cried when she pointed them out to me a couple of months ago at the store, thinking they’d all be gone by whenever we might be able to get it. She spent a good portion of Christmas day playing in the sink, watching Barbie’s hair change color.

It was a wonderful Christmas. :)

The only down side was Darc getting sick, and then the foot of snow that got dumped on the area, which meant the car needed to be scraped off, and he wouldn’t let me do it. Now his chivalry has caused him to feel even worse, I think, but I’m hoping it’s that low point of sickness that comes just before it starts to break. I’ve kept him supplied with hot tea with honey by the gallon, and lots of homemade chicken stew. Hopefully he’ll wake up Monday morning feeling better.

It has been a great weekend.

So how was yours?

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