Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Wild

Wednesday Wild: "

It’s a conspiracy, I swear. I’ve hardly been able to even get online until after 10 pm, and that’s when I’m lucky to get online at all. Oh, I’ll be so happy when these days are over! I try sometimes to see if I can check out my Reader with my phone (wow, I still can’t believe I can even do that!) but it is a terrible drain on my battery, and I’m afraid of running over on my data package. I didn’t get the unlimited one, so I have to be responsible, you know how it is, I’m sure.

My daughter did the letter Z yesterday, and is done with the learning to read part of her schooling program. Woo! Today will be a review day, and then off school until after the new year. That rocks! I am so proud of her. :) Plus, she’s already into math basics and can do simple addition. :)

We have done more running around in the last week than we’ve done probably in the last year. This life thing – how do you people do it? I’m exhausted!

Okay, off to my new nightly rituals – coffee, lunch, and ironing. Plus, I think I just broke a nail. Dangit! Oh well. That’s why they make super glue. ;)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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