Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Library Adventures

Library Adventures: "

I like the library. Honest. I think it’s one of the coolest places. There’s so much to learn and do – I probably should have been a librarian. Ah well, missed opportunities.

Libraries even have computers that can connect you to the Internet, which is pretty awesome when you think about it. A free connection to something most of us pay for. Sure, there’s a time limit, and several restrictions to keep computers safe from things like viruses and whatnot, but still, for free, who could complain? I’m sure not.

What gets a bit on the uncomfortable side is feeling like everyone around you is looking over your shoulder while you type in your screen names and passwords. You want to look around, make sure no one’s watching. The paranoia factor can creep up pretty dramatically when you’re using library computers.

Yesterday we had to use the library Internet connection to upload some things that Darc has been working on. I have no idea what the problem was, but we pretty much had to upload one file at. a. time. It may have been the library’s connection, but we took our own laptop in. Darc said he had to sign on to the library’s web portal so perhaps that had something to do with it, I don’t know. What I do know is that it took over 2 hours to upload some files that should ordinarily have taken only a few minutes. And my kids were so well behaved the entire time. Can you see the proud mama smile beaming out over the horizon there? One lady had a toddler who was having scream fits that she wasn’t allowed to climb up on a checkout table. I was nearby scanning the book roulette shelf at the time, and my daughter just stood there staring at this screaming kid. I felt bad for the mom. That’s still too young to smack, but a quick pat on the hand and a stern “NO” might have worked. Then when I was using the library computer my kids sat on the floor by my feet and played quietly with another little girl who’s mom was also using a computer. Well behaved children. What a nice feeling! :D

Now I have some new stuff to read and try to update on my little Shelfari page. That should be fun. I am off to attempt that, and to think about all the things I’m thankful for that I can post about for tomorrow. :) You have a wonderful Wednesday. Halfway through the week now!

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