Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Tootsies

Tuesday Tootsies: "

Okay, I have a confession to make. I don’t like flip-flops. I hate that fwap-fwap sound that follows them wherever they go. Aarrrggghhh! Sure, I know they’re cheap and colorful, but the sound! It’s enough to drive a person nuts. Go to Walmart in the summertime. Fwapfwapfwapfwapfwapfwapfwapfwapfwapfwapfwap constantly! And for the record, who changed the name? They were thongs when I was a kid. Now “thong” means something else entirely.

Okay, enough of the rant and I think you get my point now. ;) Here we go! This first pair is so cute, I love pansies! But why do they put the cute little picture on the part of the shoe where no one will ever see it when it’s being worn? Is it like a secret surprise? “Ooh, I’m wearing pansies under my feet! Shhh!”


These are nothing new. They are flipless-flopless flip-flops. I first saw them at an amusement park way back in the 80s. At first I thought the woman was insanely walking around barefoot, then I realized she had these things stuck to her feet, and then I couldn’t figure out how she got them to stick to her feet. At least she didn’t fwap.


Here’s a good reason not to wear flip-flops. This happened a few years ago. Walmart was selling shoes made in China, but unbeknownst to Walmart, China used lead and other chemicals in the shoes. Big surprise, eh? To my knowledge, it’s all been worked out since then (this was like 2007 or so) but still, it’s enough for me to swear off flip-flops entirely. Ouch!


Thus ends my anti-flip-flop crusade. Any converts? ;) And Happy Groundhog Day!

As always, click the pics for the rest of the story.

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