Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Whits

Wednesday Whits: "

Well folks, he did it, he actually did it! Darc let me cut his hair! I tell you, I have spent weeks listening to him mock my lack of formal hair styling training. “Are you going to butcher it?” kind of cracks. I told him I was going to chop it off in clumps just to be ornery, that I was actually The Barber of Seville in disguise and cutting his hair was just a ruse. But last night he finally succumbed to my scissors and he was actually pleased with the results. :D That was more of a surprise to him than it was to me. ;) But, I do understand vanity, having my own measure of it, so I get why he was so resistant to my efforts. I don’t think he will be so resistant in the future though, so that makes me pleased with the results.


I figured out a way to get stuff from my Live Writer drafts folder on Darc’s computer, to the Live Writer drafts folder on the laptop – since the laptop is the only computer we can get Internet access on now. I used my little zip drive! Thumb drive, flash drive, whatever you want to call it, that’s what I used. Yay, 100 LOLCats posts! ;) Now, for the stuff in the drafts folder that’s on MY computer, well that’s still going to have to wait until my computer is fixed.


Do you feel like you’re getting smarter as you’re getting older too?


We got our own snow dose today. Not as much as many of you on the Eastern side of the country, but we’ve had about 6-8” maybe, and it’s still going. The snow crew buzzed through here around 7 this morning, and at first I thought they were cutting the grass. I couldn’t figure out what kind of idiots would be cutting grass in Chicagoland in February. Then I looked out my window and saw all the white stuff on the ground. Oh. Not cutting grass. Blowing snow. Gotcha. Chicago, February, DUH. Then the rest of my brain woke up.


And smile, it’s Hump Day! Half way until the weekend, and VD! That’s Valentine’s Day, not a disease, by the way! Got your candy ready? Got a sweetheart picked out? If not, what other plans have you made, if any?

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