Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Thankfulness

Thursday Thankfulness: "

I was blessed this week to receive some blogging awards, and also in the past couple of months. Some of them I just wasn’t able to get to like I wanted at the time, so I thought I’d take a moment here to express my gratitude to those who were kind enough to give me the awards, and to pass them along. :)

My new friend Nanno gave me this one: Sunshine Award. I was really surprised! Thank you Nanno, for thinking of me. :)



Jaymie gave me this one a few weeks ago, not just for this blog but also for my poetry blog. See how nice she is? Thank you Jaymie, for being so encouraging. :)



Danielle gave me this award a few weeks ago too. Could have knocked me over with a feather. Thank you Danielle! I miss you!



Then my beloved husband gave me an award as well. That one really knocked me over because he and I have always had a sort of unspoken “we don’t want to give the appearance of favoritism just because we’re married” thing. So thank you, my Love, for being so thoughtful. *kiss*



Lastly, Jaymie gave me another award this last month. How generous is that? Thank you again Jaymie, for sharing so much love with me. :D



Now, as I write this, I’m offline and can’t access all the “rules” of each award. I’ve linked to all of them however if anyone is interested. I don’t really do the tagging thing, but there are some blogs out there that I really love and would encourage you to check out. And if I list you, consider yourself tagged with whichever award you like best, and spread the love. :)

WIGSF – always one to make me laugh, literally out loud

Sherri – she makes me thoughtful with her exuberant pursuit of perfection, and I think of her as my little sis

Bob – he’s got a dry wit that sneaks up when you least expect it

Holly, a.k.a. Yellowcat – adventures in food service! She reminds me to be mindful of those whose job it is to serve me, and to treat them with respect, and to laugh at those who don’t

Danielle – the word ninja! Check out her work, you’ll see what I mean

Jaymie – poetry in motion! She can weave words like a magic spell

Kristy – adventures in the joys of balancing motherhood, wifehood, and a career

Ben – an aspiring writer and husband of Kristy, and a good friend, and (as of this writing) is looking to hit 10k on his blog, and whoever gets a screenshot of that will be included as a character in his current WIP

Steve – my political brother and a cowboy at heart

Nanno – balancing being a mommy to twins, and rediscovering the journey of self at the same time

KnytStalker – my dear friend Raga, who hasn’t been blogging lately with the addition of a new baby, but I wanted to give a shout out to her and spread some love to my baby sis

Bryce – Check out his novel, Oasis, which he publishes on a weekly basis

Marta – She can tell great stories, and then make you a picture with her words, literally

Berna – A slice of poetic perfection, by way of Hawaii and Texas

Elizabeth – A little bit of poetry, a little fiction, and some fast cars – what more could you want?

Sparkling Red – Spark is on a journey of faith and self-discovery, all while wearing her purple cowboy boots

Mind of a Mom – MoM loves to laugh, and loves to share the funny

Kate – a new blogger I’ve recently found, or more accurately, who found me. :) Kate lives in Australia and while I haven’t had as much chance as I’d like to interact with her due to our Internet issues, I’ve been trying to follow her fascinating blog on life down under.

So there you have it, a circle of friends to make. :) Thank you all, and thank you to Danielle, Jaymie, Nanno, and Darc for the awesome awards.

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