Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Catnapping: "


This is how I feel today. I was super busy on Tuesday, I got a lot of housework done, got up early to help Darc with some things, had to get some errands run – it was gogogo pretty much all day. And now I’m tired. But I will leave you with these gems.

I overheard my kids talking. They were talking about me. My son said, “I don’t want mom to die.”

Well, how nice! I wonder why they were talking about this?

MiniNess said, “I don’t want mom to die either.” Everything’s a competition you know. She continued with, “I don’t want mom to die because then who would take care of me?”

Oh. Well. There go all my floaty feelings of “Awwww!”

KnytLite, ever the growing gentleman said, “Well I don’t want mom to die because I love her, and I would miss her too much.”

“My “awwww” feelings are restored. :)

Not to be outdone, MiniNess offered, “Well, I love mom too.”

For the record, my death remains unplanned – at least to my knowledge. ;)

Later on, KnytLite and I were talking about this tribe of people who live in South America somewhere who consider dining on these ginormous spiders to be a delicacy. He’d seen it in a book, I actually saw a documentary some years ago. We both shuddered at the same time and then chuckled because we both had the same reaction. Then he quipped, “Bon appa-yuck!” I burst out laughing then. My boy keeps me in stitches. :D

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