Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weary Wednesday

Weary Wednesday: "

image_thumbI’m here, I’m here, don’t mark me absent! I was so tired last night that I decided to do my post today in “real time” rather than get a post prepped early. I didn’t even get to my Reader until the wee hours. We did some running around yesterday and got a lot of things done. So I’m pleased about that. And my kids will have shoes and clothing and coats through the Winter. :) Disobedient kids – I tell them not to grow anymore but do they ever listen? ;)

I was reading over on Mapelba’s blog about her recent experiences with a guy at a cafe she likes to frequent, who sounds like he might be one of those creepy stalker types. It’s made me think of times from my past where someone didn’t seem capable of taking a hint. I wrote about a couple of light-hearted ones a few years ago in a post called I Hate Gorilla Masks! if you were interested in reading about my own experiences. Marta’s story drives home to me that we can never take our safety for granted. You just never know where or when someone will get some maggot into their head that they have rights with you that don’t exist anywhere but in their own deluded mind. Marta seems to have to situation under control and hopefully the guy has gotten the hint now, but check out her last couple of blog entries and see if he doesn’t make your “creep-dar” go off too.

So glad to see that What About Bob? is back up and running again. Speaking of maggots in the brain, for some reason, WordPress shut him down yesterday for a TOS violation – when there never was a TOS violation. How stupid is that? And they never notified him either. What I’d like to know is what caused WP to do that? I sure hope WP isn’t going the Blogger route and just automatically shutting down blogs if they get that “report as spam” button clicked, instead of doing at least a modicum of investigation first. That just puts too much power in the hands of jerks and others who use to it try to shut down a blogger’s free speech.

Anyway, I’m off to try to think of gratitude. :) Have a great evening!

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