Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Thankfulness

Thursday Thankfulness: "


I like movies. Always have. Always wished I could watch more. Used to want to be a film critic. Well, I guess I AM a film critic, I just don’t get paid for my opinion. ;) But there was always TV … until a few months ago. Living on a tight budget requires sacrifices and cable was one.

But we discovered movies at the library when we went to check out some books. Movies? At the library? Who knew? And free too! Even I can’t argue with that deal!

Admittedly our library doesn’t have the latest and greatest movies. The most recent movies it has are probably 6-12 months old. But this time has given me a chance to watch some old favorites again, and to catch some movies I never would have caught before. Like the one we watched tonight called, “Perfume.” Yeah, I can hear all the males rolling their eyes, thinking “chick flick!” Well let me set you straight on that score. I’m not really a “chick flick” movie watcher. Yes, there are some period pieces I like, like Restoration. I love costumes. But I hate romantic comedies. To prove my point, a few weeks ago when we were browsing the library shelves, my son pointed to a shelf and asked why we didn’t look at the movies on that one. “Oh, those are comedies,” I explained. KnytLite asked, “What’s a comedy?”

Yeah, I bit my tongue on all the smart aleck answers that rolled around in my head. It’s just that I’ve found that my idea of funny and Hollywood’s idea of funny are in 2 different universes and never the twain shall meet, as the saying goes. So I stick with drama and action type movies, a touch of sci-fi – I am a Trekker and X-filer afterall. Darc likes horror and then we get family type movies for the kids. And we all sit and watch them together, as a family. Most of the time.

So today I am thankful for our DVD player that enables us to watch movies together as a family. :)

By the way, that movie Perfume was about a serial killer, and starred Alan Rickman and Dustin Hoffman, set in the 18th century. You know how I am about serial killers. How could I resist? ;)

What are you thankful for today?

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