Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Mayhem

Monday Mayhem: "

imageIt’s been a crazy weekend. Not crazy like you’re probably thinking though. Not really any running around or anything like that, but mentally crazy. I pretty much didn’t get to my blog, or my Reader, or my email at all. And I guess that’s okay, lots of folks take weekends off, right?

See, I have the chance right now to fix my computer. I know! It’s only been like 16 months! I’d bookmarked a page that had a motherboard/CPU close to what I was looking for, but that was over a year old and I didn’t expect it to still be available, which it wasn’t. No surprise. So, I spent a lot of time doing some research, looking for a mobo/CPU combo that would fit into my 5 y/o computer and still work with my remaining parts. My hard drive and everything else is still good. I don’t want to get like a barebones kit and start over with a bunch of stuff I neither need nor want, with almost nothing that I do. So this was like a major research effort on my part and lemme tell you, my eyes were crossing at all the DDR2 and SATA and chipsets and ports and USB and ATX and microATX which actually uses some weird symbol thingy for the micro part, but hey I learned something new, right?

Anyway. I ended up bookmarking like a half dozen sites, narrowing down my playing field, and I figured I could go back the following day and start doing the compare thing and eliminating all but the one that most closely met my needs. Except … when I went back the next day – the next day! – all but one of the mobos I’d bookmarked were no longer available.

It’s a sign, right? Get that one! And if you knew the details of the things that have been happening for us lately, you’d doggone well believe it was a sign too. Something is UP for us in ways I can’t really explain. So, I put that one in the shopping cart, picked a few other things I’d need like thermal paste and stuff like that. Rebuilding a computer needs stuff. And when I clicked the order button, it told me that mobo wouldn’t be here for more than a month. I could see it unfold in my head – in a month I’d get a notice that it was no longer available and then I’d be stuck with all that stuff that I wouldn’t be able to use or return … so I cancelled the order. It’s like I’m getting some kind of message not to get these parts right now. I mean, loud and clear message.

So. I figure it’s time for me to sit down, shut up, and wait for the rest of the message. It’s not like I’m losing anything, I haven’t had my own computer in more than a year. Patience, right? All in good time, and good things come to those who wait. In the meantime, no real computer time for me today either, since we have some errands to run and Darc has some things he needs to take care of. I’ll probably be around later on though, trying to catch up on everything from over the weekend. :)

Have yourself a happy and keep your ears open!

PS – Hey! Isn’t today like the anniversary of when Elvis died? There will probably be Elvis movies on TNT or something all day long I bet. Do you remember where you were when he died?

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