Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Mayhem

Monday Mayhem: "

imageIt is a good day. It’s a blessed day. The whole weekend was blessed. :) And I am full of joy. No, not the lottery; no, not a job, but a real answer to prayer. So I’m basically floating on sunshine. It’s a beautiful thing.

Other than that, it was a quiet weekend. Went grocery shopping, watched a lot of movies. Turns out I grabbed some at the library that I’ve already seen. Years ago, but my Swiss-cheese movie memory is so bad that I didn’t even remember I’d seen them. I was showing Darc my picks when he said, “We saw that. Maybe ‘01 or ‘02, but we saw it. Oh, and that one too.” *sigh* I watched one of them anyway. Turns out I’d forgotten it all but the end. *eyeroll* You know, I remind me of one of the silliest kid’s jokes ever. Pete and Re-Pete were sitting in a boat, and Pete fell overboard, who was left? Re-Pete! Pete and Re-Pete were sitting in a boat and … you get the idea. That’s what my brain does with movies, I swear. Most annoying movie memory ever, but really, more annoying for Darc than for me, because he doesn’t forget movies he’s seen.

So now it’s August, can you believe how fast the Summer has flown? Hot, sunny, cloudless days to come.

And how was your weekend?

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