Saturday, January 23, 2010

How Do You Communicate?

How Do You Communicate?: "

Oh this is so not me at all! Really, I’m so much the hermit type and I’m NOT controlled by emotions! And I’m not THAT touch-feely, I just like to pick on WIGSF. It bugs him. Heheheheheheh.

You Communicate With Your Body
This isn’t as bad as it sounds, it just means that you’re a "touchy-feely" person.
You need a lot of affection in your life. And for you, this means both giving and receiving little touches.
Warm hearted, you bond with people easily. In fact, you often feel a little sad when you’re not in the company of others.
A little moody, you tend to be controlled by your emotions. But a bit hug always comforts you!

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