Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Mayhem

Monday Mayhem: "

Welcome to the 1st Monday of 2010. The 1st official workday for many of you. Back to the grind. For me, I have something personal going on, so I beg your indulgence while I struggle with this new aspect of my life. I’ll let you know what it is next Monday if I manage to make it through this 1st week. And no guessing!


One of the 1st things my husband said to me on New Year’s Day was, “Good God woman! We haven’t had sex since last year!”

Oh he’s been a laugh riot over the New Year’s weekend. We caught an older episode of Medium and in this one scene, Alison is viewing some slides in a darkened room at the DA’s office. In walked a slimy attorney who said, “Holding a séance?”
”No, just conjuring demons,” replied Alison, to which my husband quipped,
“And look! It worked! You’re here!”
I tell you, I nearly choked on my coffee at that one!


Here’s something that caught my eye in the news recently:

Brands We Loved and Lost in 2009

Kind of made me sad a little. Want to know what they were?

  1. Circuit City

  2. Saturn

  3. Pontiac

  4. Kodachrome

  5. Home Depot Expo

You can check out the link for more information.


I caught one of the funniest jokes EVER in my Reader recently. Who said conservatives don’t have a sense of humor? Seriously, this made me laugh OUT LOUD, so you would do yourself a favor to check it out. :) Just a note, there is some language, which is why it’s linked and not copied. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t let you go that easily though, it opens in a new tab and won’t take you away from here. :D

How a Marriage Works


And speaking of marriage, here’s another article I found. Remember “The Rules”? That book that was supposed to help single girls find a man? Well, here’s one man’s answer to it. I found one of his responses pretty honest, and honesty between the sexes is always refreshing. He said, “#7. If the man isn’t 30 pounds overweight, sex is always a more important priority than food.” Did I mention what my husband said to me on New Year’s Day? It’s just the way men are. :) Go read the whole thing!

Why The Rules don’t work


Lastly, I found the picture that speaks a thousand words to my feelings about Winter. A bit risqué for the blog, I suppose, but when something works, it works. :D For the WIN!!


It may be Monday, but you still deserve to smile. Do it with style. :D

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