Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Nothing: "

I had absolutely nothing to post about last night. Not a blessed thing. So, I figured I’d go to bed and maybe I’d have a nice weird dream or something and could post about that today.

No such luck.

I mean, I had weird dreams but nothing I could post about.

So I’m sitting here thinking there’s no way I’m going to let nearly 2 years of not-missing-a-day-blogging go down the drain just because of a little mind-blank, am I? Ha. I’m way too much of a control freak to allow that to happen. Neener.

Even though my kids haven’t done anything recently that would merit a blog mention, even though Darc and I haven’t had any of our late-night-funneh slumber parties, even though nothing funny or interesting has happened in my life or my head lately, I’m still blogging. And you’re going to like it, because you were worried about me when you saw that I hadn’t posted today, so now you’re happy to see that I am, in fact, fine.

So there!

Now, with that attitude, I have to think of something to be grateful for, for my post tomorrow. :roll:


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