Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Tootsies

Tuesday Tootsies: "

Some weeks I think I’m going to FAIL on the Tootsies thing, that I won’t come up with a single blessed idea for what to blog about. This week I was reading Mapelba’s blog about returning from a family vacation, and I sent Mind of a Mom a silly picture about airport security since she has to travel some for work. And just like that, *snap* travel shoes!

This is what I found:

These shoes are convertible. That’s right – the top zips off so you have your choice of sneakers or sandals and don’t even need to pack either pair. You can just wear them. I mean, that’s kind of awesome, if you ask me. They had a couple of different styles on the site I found, but they seemed to indicate there would be more, so you could mix and match styles. I think these just rawk. In stereo.


Then I found these.

Pretty neat. They’re rollable ballet slippers but they come in different colors, like metallics, or even white for a wedding. They roll up nice and tiny so you can take them anywhere if you needed a spare pair. Heck, you could even keep a pair in the glovebox of your car. They look pretty comfy too.


And then, because I just couldn’t stop clicking the “next” link, I ran across these:

Yep. Those are indeed slippers with headlights. Which would be good I suppose if you’re traveling from one unlighted spot in your house to another. (keeping with the theme here!) It sure would help cut down on the stubbed toes, wouldn’t it? Headlights on slippers. What won’t they think of next?


As always, click the pics for links, and have a marvelous day. :D

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