Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Thankfulness

Thursday Thankfulness: "

I’m really not sure what I’m thankful for today. Breathing, I suppose. And no, not because I quit smoking, but because I am finding it necessary to just take a breath.

Things are extremely tenuous right now in The Darc House. It appears that Darc’s computer, the one that has been doing double duty since mine died, is about to die too. And if that happens, we are screwed. The project he’s been working on can only be done on that computer. And I just don’t know how much longer this poor old laptop is going to last either.

So I take a breath, a deep one, and remind myself that God is in charge, that He’s been taking down obstacle after obstacle throughout this entire project – that has been an amazing and wondrous thing to see! And I also keep reminding myself that for months now I have felt the Lord just calming me and telling me that everything would be okay.

But if that computer dies then things won’t be okay!

So I take another breath, and remember that I am grateful to be breathing, because the alternative is … ungood. And God is still in charge and nothing will stand in His way. If the computer dies, He’ll remove the obstacle that will present as well. And if it doesn’t die, then we still win, either way.


Everything will be okay. Take a deep breath. Repeat.

UPDATE: I felt I should give you all an update on the “sitch” here. I wrote this post last night in the midst of what was happening. I figured I should probably get a post uploaded ASAP in case the router died and we weren’t able to get online.

So far the problem seems to be related to something that Windows decided – through the updates most likely – that it didn’t like something about the brand of NIC we were using. Darc took the NIC out of my currently dead computer and tried that one, again FAIL. So he took the NIC out of my old computer, which was a different brand of NIC, and so far that one seems to be fine.

As for me, all my emotions are a bit closer to the surface lately as I learn new skills for dealing with things. For 3 decades, I just puffed my troubles away. Believe me, it has it’s merits! You just kind of exhale the frustrations out and voilá! You are much more able to calmly deal with things. Anyone who smokes knows what I’m talking about. :) I called it my crutch for a reason, yes I did, but now my crutch is gone so I’m learning how to limp along with those crazy “emotion” things that people have, that I apparently have too. Who knew?!

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