Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Thankfulness

Thursday Thankfulness: "

I am thankful today for answered prayers. And maybe this post should go up on the faith blog as well, since it deals with those kinds of things. But that’s what I’m thankful for today. There are moments in life when the Lord just reaches out and touches you, sits down and has a cup of coffee with you, and tells you how things are going to be. There are moments when He soothes your fears and reassures you that things are going to be okay. There are moments when He laughs with delight like a schoolboy and cries, “Watch! Wait ‘til you see what I’m going to do! This is so cool!”

For quite some time now I’ve been feeling like the Lord has been saying to me, “My majesty, let Me show you it!” And let me tell ya, it’s mind boggling to behold. I have been watching Him work in amazing ways in the lives of Darc and I for the last few weeks – things that I really can’t yet go into detail here – but please believe me when I tell you, God is here. Right now. In my house. He’s been raising valleys and lowering mountains. Obstacles? What obstacles? He’s been soothing, reassuring, comforting, and most of all, smiling. You have no idea what it feels like to have the Creator of the universe smile at you, especially when there were so many years when it seemed like He didn’t. There are times I feel like my head is going to explode with all the insights I’m understanding now, things that didn’t make sense before, all of a sudden are crystal clear with that, “OHHH!” sensation.

So we’ve had a few breathless moments here at the Darc House. Most times, in the lives of Christians, they have periods where they can look back and see that God had been working in their life at a particular point, but it’s almost always in hindsight. And I have those moments too. But right now, I don’t need to look back, because I’m looking around and seeing Him working now, in the moment, day by day. And I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for that. :D

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